Raymond didn't know that I couldn't do what he was asking me to do.

Sidney said he didn't want to speak in French.

The timetable is not to be depended on.

Life is too short to learn German.

What do you think that means?

You won't hang your coat behind the door.

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What else is on?

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Open the curtains and let the sunshine in.

There were curtains hanging over the window.

Bernie has probably gone to the doctor.

I'll be there at two o'clock without fail.

I should've kept my cool.

As the budget ran out, the robot guards could not chase the runner beyond the city limits.

She has finally achieved her end.

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The table's is all yours.

You'll never see me again.

Advertisers can target ads on Facebook based on users' profiles.

She's young and sexy.

This figure is a mirror of the decrease in imports of crude oil.

I looked through Oskar's wallet.

We're too weak.

Shai got out of the truck.

Saul wants me to throw him a birthday party next Monday evening.


You really seem to dislike spinach.

She said she didn't like it, but I thought, personally, it was very good.

Our club has a secret handshake.

I wish Deb would stop yelling at me.

Leave right now and you will be in time for the bus.

He was single before.

They say dogs hear better than us. You think it's true?


Let me see it.

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It was not till yesterday that I knew the fact.

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The Giants had a close game with the Dragons last night.


I'm not connecting your computers.


Are you trying to make a fool of me?

They adopted the proposal.

Give me a knife to cut this string with.

She glanced around.

We named the dog Tim.

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The moon goes round the earth once a month.

Kathy really had a good time.

I just want to be left alone for a while.

He will arrive sooner or later.

That's just plain wrong.


When Dan realized what happened, it was too late.

Dwayne told me that he was sorry that he had said such awful things to me.

Clarence spoke quietly so he wouldn't wake the baby.

I'd like to ask you for some advice.

What time do you put Geoffrey to bed?

Carter's had a very good year.

Taurus and I both agree with you.

We've got to try and stop them.

It's important that you hear this.

Mr Johnson, president of the club, will soon come.

This is not my day.

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There is a bench in front of the train station.

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We don't know what causes cancer.

Why would anyone think that was a good idea?

This is an ugly language.

Pascal enjoyed his stay.

Robbin and Nancy work at night.

Merat and Mike became acquainted through their mutual friends.

I have been expecting you.

Skip's a grouch.

You're evil and disgusting.


A paradigm is something you think about before you think about it.


Marco died trying to save a child from a burning building.

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But why doesn't she shut up?

June is immobile.

Someone's here to see you.

I'm ready for this.

What time do you get up on schooldays?

If it should rain tomorrow, the excursion will be canceled.

You haven't lived in Boston as long as I have.

They look very busy.

I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people.


He asked me to dance.

I thought I could change your mind.

Tell me why you didn't ask her.

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Some of them couldn't handle the pressure.

Kristi has a poor memory.

The report turned out false.


Their house lay amid a small stand of trees.

I put handcuffs on him.

Did somebody hear something?


When the forest is gone, birds and small mammals that lived there have to find new homes - if they can.

Manufacturers are liable for defects in their products.

I'd be delighted if that happened again.

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Our town was bombed twice this week.

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Do you think you're creative?

On my honour!

Chuck wanted Roger to pose in the nude for his painting, but she refused to do so.

The teacher said: "Of course."

Were we supposed to ignore them?

We'll take them with us.

Let's see if I've got that right.


I bought a new car.

Kyu worked at the restaurant that Malaclypse's father owned.

It was really just a misunderstanding.


I will register for that class.

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I thought for sure Dominic would be here on time.

Penny was picking on me.

The strain has begun to tell on his health.

He brought me coffee.

They sell carrots at the grocery store.

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You should choose a strong password!

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Many people have been injured.


Why didn't Pratt tell me himself?


I can take this to him.


I'll come here again tomorrow.


Cathryn failed the exam.

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I played tennis all day.


Terrance is getting desperate.


I'll understand if you don't want to go there with me.


There's smell of naphtha.

Tell me why you did that.

They started in spite of the heavy rain.

I knew you'd say that.

John worked his company with success.

The station is a ten minute drive from here.

Is it OK if I stay here?

I know you must be buried in your mountain of mails, but I wonder if I can hear from you regarding the mail I sent you last week?

Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense how close objects are around them.

I never saw it.

None of the other kids want to play with Rodney.

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They shoot horses, don't they?

Maureen became frustrated.

It was a long wait.

Who's the happy couple?

What time does the play begin?

It's hard to tell what Vice is going to do.

In an unusual move, this school's big band uses slide trumpets and valve trombones exclusively.

I prefer going to the mountains in summer.

I certainly know what Daniel looks like.

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This machine has gone out of date.

I want everybody to leave.

Do you think the Supersonics will go all the way to the world championships?


What interests me greatly is astronomy.


Judging from his expression, he is in a bad mood.

Melinda can't wait to get out of prison.

Which schools stem from Buddhist thought?


Roxanne put the large picnic basket on the passenger seat next to him.

The teacher reminded us to study hard for the test.

It's almost time to get started.

Modern art has no interest for me.

I'm sorry I caused problems.


Luke isn't going to leave us.


I wanted to love Linda.

This lighter won't catch.

Jennifer has known Mah ever since they were children.

This is closely bound up with the question.

Your opinion matters.

Howard didn't help much.

My recommendation is that you invest in government bonds.


Elias knew why Kent didn't trust him.

He was more interested in politics than in economics of the labor dispute.

Now, what do you want to see?